A biweekly programme that offers 

a critical analysis of movies, 

discussing their artistic aspects 

and their impact on society.


Simple yet smart character that spots

quirky stories and presents them in an entertaining

style with voiceover and graphics.

Bndok is broadcast biweekly.

‘Ila ‘Ayn

A weekly programme that addresses

the current political climate of the Arab

world, covering social, economic and

political cases connected to the ordinary

Arab citizen.


We consume news and information

on social media on a daily basis,

and MIX works on spotting, digesting

and telling us the most interesting ones.

Wa Ma Zalo

Tells stories of influential Arab figures

who have contributed to Arabic art

and literature; figures whose work still

influences Arab cultures.

Once upon a time

A documentary programme that recounts

historical events from around the world,

aiming to educate and entertain the viewer.